CEDA Nationals Success

Three teams competed at the 2009 CEDA National Championship Tournament. The team finished the season with its best performance ever at CEDA Nats!

Matt Coleman and Eric Robinson were 7-1 in the prelims. They defeated Binghamton, Emory and Idaho State before losing to last year's champions from Towson in the quarterfinals. Matt and Eric were the 14th and 15th speakers at the tournament. Both were named to CEDA's All-American debate team.

Brian Box and Patrick Rinker were 6-2 in the prelims. They defeated Dartmouth in the triples before losing to Idaho State in the doubles.

Creighton Coleman and Matt Munday were 5-3 in the prelims. They lost to West Georgia in the triples.

This marks the first time that WSU has advanced 3 teams into the elimination rounds. And, the first time a team has reached the quarterfinals.